Whoa, Thanksgiving is early this year!!

And so begins the time of the year where nature indicates that we should draw inward and slow our roll for a while, but culture tends to dictate that we do just the opposite. We have made it a season of plenty – plenty of food, plenty of people, plenty of spending.   And by the end of it all we can be both depleted and overly full.

So, here’s my number one suggestion for moving through Thursday and beyond feeling in balance and full in the best rather than the worst kind of way…

Come to your senses.

When you are deciding what and how much to put on your plate (literally and figuratively) – pause, take a deep breath, open your sight, smell, anticipatory taste, hearing, touch – all of it, and survey what is available.

Then choose, choose ahead of time – choose what is most delightful, and leave the rest. Be more disciplined than usual about leaving behind that which does not truly satisfy.

When you are eating and drinking – pause, eat slowly, and savor each bite as fully as you can.  Breathe before, during, and after eating.  Notice tastes, textures, and smells.  Enjoy as much as you can. Apply this amount of attention alternately between your food and your company.  Eat while you are eating and be with people while you are being with people.

When you are being with your people – pause, allow your awareness to move from your mind to your heart or belly.  Have a sense of taking in the whole with your senses rather than just your brain.  The cool thing is this will make pleasant interactions even more so, and it will help make interactions and relatives you find challenging less so. 

Notice that the more you open and use your senses, the more easily you are satisfied and the less you will consume.

When you are satisfied by all the things, honor yourself by taking time away to rest and digest it all.

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May you experience ease and grace in the coming days, and I’d love to know how Thursday turns out for you — let me know!

May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!

Hi! I’m Laura Jarrait and I work with women who adore good food but feel like it’s running or ruining their lives. They don’t want to diet or quit socializing around food but are tired of feeling less than their best and guilty, obsessive, or confused about what they eat. I help them keep the pleasure and drop the stressful thinking and extra weight, so they feel confident, light and free — all without ending their love affair with food!

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