I am NOT a recipe developer. I’ve been cooking for over 20 years, and much of what I do is alter a written recipe according to my tastes and what I have on hand. And then try to write it down for you after the fact! If I’m not baking or making cocktails, I don’t measure much!

This is a cocktail I’ve been making for years and it has quite a lot of sentimental value to me – including some things about health. I kind of hate food blogs with lots of story, but I’ve included this one at the bottom, if you care to know!

It originally appeared in Bon Appetit magazine years ago and can be found at epicurious.com.

INGREDIENTS makes 2 drinks

1 large or 2 medium cucumbers (to make 1/2 cup juice)
1/4 cup (2 oz) gin (or more — this is very mild)
2 tsps. freshly squeezed lime juice
1/2 tbsp. sugar

Garnish:  lime slices


Peel and cut up cucumbers into large pieces. Puree in a high-speed blender. Strain using a fine-mesh sieve. (I like to do this ahead of time and just let it drain slowly into a measuring cup). Pour 1/2 cup cucumber juice, gin, lime juice and sugar into a cocktail shaker filled with ice.  Shake and strain.  Serve w/ lime slices.  Enjoy!!!


If you are serious about keeping your refined sugar out of this, use a honey syrup (equal parts water and honey heated to dissolve the honey then cooled).

Let me know how you like this!

May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!


Why this cocktail means so much to me:

As I tell in part of my food story here, once upon a time I went to see an Ayurvedic doctor on a visit to New York (if you don’t know, Ayurveda is a sister science to yoga where you are evaluated according to your constitution and then given various dietary, daily routine, cleansing, etc suggestions based on your constitution and what is out of balance — it’s very rad).  Because I’m a bit fiery, the doc suggested that I quit running for exercise and pick up something like swimming or walking instead (done!).  She also suggested I cut out red meat, red wine, and cheese…swearing all the while that it wasn’t for everyone, just me.  She told me that if I really wanted to drink alcohol, the best choice would essentially be gin and juice.

At that time, this recipe popped up in my Bon Appetit and was a perfect fit.  Gin, cooling cucumbers, refreshing lime, and not that much added sugar.  I introduced this to a good friend of mine in New Orleans, Lori Wagner, and we spent the better part of a hot New Orleans summer drinking these on the front porch while reading poetry out loud to each other.  I miss the poetry and I miss her dearly!  So every time I have one, I think of that lovely time!!