Drop the Guilt AND the Weight – starting now!

You love good food, but you’re realizing that it doesn’t love you back anymore. What used to be a great source of pleasure for you is now full of guilt and anxiety. You notice you are avoiding stepping on the scale or looking in the mirror, and it’s been a long time since you bought a new outfit that you felt great in.

You tell yourself you should be making better choices and resisting all of the guilty pleasures, but the last thing you want to do is go on a diet. They never seem to work anyway, and all of the information out there is so contradictory and confusing.

Besides, you don’t want to take all of the joy and art out of eating by counting calories or points, measuring portions, eating only lettuce, or getting obsessive about all of the micro- and macro-nutrients in your food.

You want so badly for there to be a solution and to find a way to enjoy the foods you love while looking and feeling great. You dream of being able to go out to eat without worrying about what kind of food is available or feeling anxious or guilty about over-indulging. You want to know exactly what to choose off the menu without feeling deprived or conflicted.

You’re ready to eat without drama, be comfortable in your own skin again and even enjoy getting dressed up for the evening. You’re excited about finding a way to call BS on gaining weight and losing vitality as you age and long to feel energetic, confident, and sexy again, all while continuing to enjoy delicious food.

Do any of these sound like you?

  • Even though you eat “good food” a lot of the time, you’re still unable to lose weight.
  • You tell yourself you deserve to eat the foods you love, but you feel guilty afterwards.
  • You like to think about dinner while you’re having lunch.
  • You have a hard time passing up the office snacks that people ALWAYS have around.
  • You’re afraid that the only way to get the body you want is to deprive or starve yourself, and you’re not willing to do either.

If this is you, don’t worry! I get it, and I got you!

I’m a weight loss coach for women who adore good food. The women I work with don’t want to diet or quit socializing but are tired of feeling “bleh” and guilty and obsessive about what they eat. I teach them how to drop the extra pounds and feel great without ending their love affair with food.

In Drop the Guilt AND the Weight, you’ll learn the most important thing you need to do to end your confusion, conflict, and guilt over your food choices and to truly begin losing unnecessary weight.

No counting, special diets, or science degree required!

As a result of this coaching program, you will:

  • Know how to enjoy the foods you love without guilt or anxiety.
  • Begin to feel more confident that you can lose the weight you desire.
  • Start feeling lighter and leaner.

When I started working with Laura, I really wanted to quit feeling guilty about enjoying food but also quit over-indulging and start doing things I knew were better for me.  I had tried other programs before but found the counting and control too restrictive, hard to maintain, and depressing. We were able to get underneath all of my stressful thinking and find a way to meet my goals that was much more natural and simple. I’m also so thrilled to be exercising now because it feels great to be in my body and not just so I can have an extra slice of ake! What Laura offers is truly unique and effective!

Amber V.

What I loved most about working with Laura is that she never once told me what I should be eating and yet I ended up changing my food completely and trying many new things. I feel so much better physically, no more headaches and bloating, and it was empowering and easy because I was able to come to it on my own through her expert and loving support.

Day Anne C.

Your Drop the Guilt AND the Weight Program includes:

Goals, Obstacles, and Commitments Assessment
Your answers to this assessment, completed before our call, will help me know exactly where to target our discussion. Completing this assessment alone will give YOU real clarity on your food and weight loss goals, what’s holding you back, and what you’re willing and able to do to finally make your dream of stress-free eating and weight-loss come true.

60 Minute Bust the Guilt, Drop the Pounds Breakthrough Call
In this 1-1 coaching session, we’ll craft the first steps for you to start eating and feeling better right away. You will get a solid plan for both overcoming the obstacles that have stopped you so far and developing the confidence that comes from learning a better way to weight loss than what you’ve been taught.

How to Eat Guilt-Free Checklist
After our call, you’ll receive a take-with-you-anywhere checklist to practice your new way of eating until it becomes natural. When starting anything new, it is key to have a handy reminder of what you’re learning and a way to document your progress.

Accountability and Troubleshooting Check-In
We’ll do a short, electronic check-in every 4 days so you are reminded that you have someone in your corner! You’ll be able to ask me questions and get support, and you’ll be held accountable for taking action towards keeping your commitment.

30 minute Follow-Up
Two weeks after our initial consult, we’ll do a 30-minute victory dance, answer any lingering questions, and provide strategies for overcoming obstacles moving forward. You’ll have the confidence and tools you need to take the next steps towards a truly nourishing relationship with food and your weight.

Yes! I’m Ready to Drop the Guilt AND the Weight!

It’s NOT too good to be true! It IS possible to truly enjoy the foods that you love and lose the unwanted weight AND stress you’ve had about this for so long.


Here’s What to Do:

Step 1: Click the Let’s Get Started! button below to schedule your Bust the Guilt, Drop the Pounds Breakthrough call.

Step 2: After you schedule your appointment, you’ll be able to submit your payment.

Step 3: Within 24 hours of receiving your payment and booking, I will send you the Goals, Obstacles, and Commitments Assessment to your best email.

Step 4: Fill out the assessment and return to me at laura@laurajarrait.com at least 24 hours prior to our appointment.

Step 5: Do a happy dance for taking this step toward a lighter, freer you!

Still have questions? Don’t hestitate to contact me at laura@laurajarrait.com!