Do you adore good food but feel like it doesn't love you back anymore?

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The guide contains 3 simple steps that you can implement over the course of one week, or three, going at the pace that is right for you.


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At the end, you’ll receive a beautiful summary guide and a BONUS worksheet to help you go one step further!

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Hello! I’m Laura Jarrait and I work with women who adore good food but feel like it’s running or ruining their lives. As someone who’s been a passionate home cook and loves to try ALL the new restaurants in town, it’s been vital for me to keep all of the pleasure in food AND feel great in and about my body.  Just like me, the women I work with don’t want to diet or quit socializing around food but are tired of feeling less than their best and guilty or obsessive about what they eat. 

This guide contains some of the most important keys to enjoy the heck out of food while dropping guilt, worry, and weight for good!

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