Happy New Year!


So, here it is, 3 weeks into 2019 (can you believe it?!). By now most people who made any sort of New Year’s resolution have given up.  And, because of this well-known fact, many people choose not to make them.


I do.  I have always loved to mark time — to spend birthdays, New Years, starts of school years, reflecting on and celebrating the past and choosing what I might do differently in the future. And, even if you’re not one to mark particular occasions or calendar dates in this way, you probably still (at least hopefully so), decide from time-to-time that your life would be better if you did something differently than you have.


I’ve had success on and off, and at times have beaten myself up about the “off” times. The real victory to me is THIS is what has changed.  I’ve found a way to continue to set goals, create new habits, endeavor to change behaviors, even when I’m not always successful, and I wanted to share with you two of the key factors that have helped.


The first, as I know I’ve talked about before, is that I’ve learned that the WHAT must come from a place of self-love — of liking and respecting myself enough to want the best of me to shine more brightly, to be more available — which is a very different way of thinking than trying to fix all of the “less-than” parts of myself.  That’s a game-changer when it comes to what actually goes on the list.  I’ve learned to like myself already, everything else is just a bonus, and I can see more clearly what is actually important.


The second is that even though there are dates and years and beginnings and endings, the truth is every minute is a new beginning, every second is moment to choose again, to renew a commitment, to increase my devotion.  The Buddhists have a practice they simply call “starting again”.


Here’s what you do:  Give the instances of not doing what you set out to do no energy other than a moment of recognition, perhaps a gentle inquiry as to why, and then simply start again.  No guilt, no beating yourself up, no telling yourself how little “willpower” you have.  That’s actually all very indulgent and keeps you from the bare matter at hand – a no-drama decision to keep moving on.  Do this enough and you will turn the tide…or decide that what was a goal really wasn’t worthy of you at all.


Whatever your goals, it doesn’t matter if it’s January 21 or December 21, you still have time. Tomorrow is the beginning of a brand new year.


I’d love to know what you want to do differently this year — hit reply and let me hear from you!


May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!

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