A real-time look at what we ate this week. The plan with some notes about diversions from it.

This week was a little strange — we had company in town for Scott’s birthday and then traveled to Knoxville, TN, for a conference.  So, ALL of our meals were in restaurants, except for some clean-out-the-fridge left-overs on Tuesday before we left. And, to be honest, I ate a bit too much and did not get enough veggies for my body’s liking.  I’m glad to be back home in my kitchen this week and bought ALL THE GREEN THINGS for the week ahead. Not to punish myself, but because when you get in touch with what your body wants, she’ll speak loud and clear.

There is no grocery list this week, but I have included some requested recipes from previous weeks — Sweet Potato Flatbreads and Spinach and Artichoke Twice-baked Potatoes!

Birthday dinner out at Hank’s Seafood — Softshells are in season – yum!!!

Fried softshell crabs with curry roasted sweet potatoes, radishes, and scallions (interesting and good combo!) and a corn puree
Coconut cake and Chunky Monkey ice cream (an old favorite!)

Left over steak, asparagus, and Spinach – Artichoke Twice-baked Potatoes

Eating out in Knoxville at Stock and Barrel

Local grass-fed beef burger without bun and over a wedge salad with blue cheese, tomatoes, and onions.
Fries, of course!

Eating out in Knoxville at Babalu – Tacos and Tapas

Tableside guacamole (they actually had veggies as dippers for an option, but didn’t bring them!)
Variety of tacos – vegetable, carnitas, and steak

Eating out in Knoxville at Old City Wine Bar followed by Knox Mason

Yucca raclette (a first and sooo good)
A taste of Tennessee-made salami and cheese, with local honey and house-made bread
Bowl of collard greens (I was wanting some GREEN) and homemade Parkerhouse rolls – with sorghum butter — this was great intuitive eating, to just get a couple of sides instead of a full meal which I did not need.

I loved, loved, loved all of the local ingredients here, and overall was impressed by Knoxville’s devotion to this.

Eating out in Asheville after a long drive through the Smoky Mountains.  Ate at Curateyou must go!!!

Chorizo wrapped in crispy potato chips
Warm marinated octopus with paprika and potato puree
Mediterranean-spiced Lamb Skewers
Grilled Ramps with Romesco Sauce
Liquid Almond Tart with Cherry Sorbet

Sunday –
Dinner with friends in Charleston at Minero

Chips and Salsa
Red Snapper Ceviche
Cauliflower Taco
Lamb and Mustard Green Taco


As always, if you see something you want the recipe for, let me know!

May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!