Really!  I saw Christmas trees in Costco last weekend, right next to the Halloween costumes. And not naming any names, but I know some of my friends know how many days we have left ‘til Christmas!

Ever notice that we are in a constant state of needing to celebrate something, have something to look forward to? I think that’s because we find regular life so boring or tense – that’s a post for another day…how to look forward to and enjoy regular life.

So…this lull that we are in right now, after school is underway, hurricane snacks have been bought and eaten, and the holiday eating season is not yet upon us is a very sweet time to take steps towards giving your body more of the deep nourishment that it wants.

Having just passed the fall equinox, nature’s way is a time of slowing down and turning inward, regrouping or working towards goals but in a “slow and steady wins the race” fashion.

I encourage you to spend some time asking your body how you can nourish her/him during this season.

Just pick one thing and do it consistently and well.  (Tell me what it is and I’ll check back with you!) Your body and mind will thank you for it as the year ends.

And, of course, I’ve got one idea to help you out:

I haven’t yet shared with you the specifics of how I nourish myself.  I keep it pretty simple really, mostly going for non-processed foods and a wide variety of vegetables, a strict NO GUILT policy for when I choose something else…And as of a little more than a year ago a few very targeted supplements.

I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to “products”. For years, my only skin care was coconut oil.

And I just ate food, never took any supplements, herbs, (or thankfully, prescription meds).

But that changed after doing some research and wanting to address a few arising health concerns (both for me and my partner) without doing endless tweaking to our diets unless I really needed to.

So — enter some high quality supplements really designed to improve gut health, balance blood sugar, and reduce inflammation.  And our problems were solved, easily and quickly.

Here’s the deal: if you are dealing with systemic health issues or know you’ve been eating in non-nourishing ways and are wanting to make a change, of course changing your food is important.

But food alone can take a long time to shift your health for a number of reasons:

  • It takes time, money, and a lot of care to choose high quality foods – and dedication to eat those exclusively
  • Even high-quality foods, organic veggies, etc. aren’t what they used to be nutritionally because our soil isn’t what it used to be
  • Many of our systems have a back-log of things to right because of lots of antibiotics (starting in childhood) and other medications, stress, hospital stays, over the counter pain-relief, overuse of sugar and alcohol for many, etc.

Most functional medicine and holistic practitioners will end up recommending supplements in addition to changes in diet.  They help to speed up the process and fill in the gaps, they help us “catch up”, plain and simple, fast-tracking our bodies’ balancing ability to come into balance so it can heal and process our every-day life. And more and more studies show that focusing on gut health is the place to start.

So I am holding a challenge with a few friends starting next Monday. During this 2-week challenge, you’ll be balancing blood sugar and improving gut health, learning about what I’ve chosen that has worked so well, AND I will be sharing some of my best eating well tips and coaching.  You’ll get the best of both worlds!!

When you balance blood sugar, you will see improved sleep, energy, and mood and you’ll decrease sugar cravings, puffiness, and potentially lose inches or pounds (or gain them if your nutrient absorption has been poor and you are very thin).

I hope you join me so you can enter the holiday season and the new year already feeling better.

To learn the specifics and join us, go here!

And, of course, contact me with any questions you have. I am here to help.

May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!

Hi! I’m Laura Jarrait and I work with women who adore good food but feel like it’s running or ruining their lives. They don’t want to diet or quit socializing around food but are tired of feeling less than their best and guilty, obsessive, or confused about what they eat. I help them keep the pleasure and drop the stressful thinking and extra weight, so they feel confident, light and free — all without ending their love affair with food!

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