I’ve got a bit of a story for you today…it doesn’t seem to be much about the topics I usually teach on here, but it totally is. I’ll wrap it all up for you by the end, I promise!

My boyfriend’s parents were in town this weekend to celebrate birthdays so, as we usually do on their visits, we spend a lot of time eating out.  Nevertheless, Sunday evening, Scott suggested that we go out to breakfast just the two of us Monday morning.  An unusual suggestion for him, especially on a Monday. But, hey, I love breakfast and dates, so I was in!

We have a go-to place fairly close to our house so I was thinking all evening and as we had coffee in the morning that that’s where we’d go. But I wasn’t really feelin’ it, ya know?  I was mulling over and discarding the places nearby and then all of a sudden, in popped a new thought, a place outside of my previous line of thinking, and that was that. It was the clear “choice”. Better, that it is was on his way to work, so we could take two cars and he’d be set.

The restaurant was fairly empty and we sat at the bar, as we often do, liking to strike up conversation with whoever is behind it.  Well, the conversation was epic, inspired.  I was fascinated by our server’s life story, asked many questions, and we all contributed a lot to the discussion.  Many points of overlap and connection.  There were a few moments in the conversation where I had the inspiration to say something, felt a hesitancy for whatever reason, then spoke it anyway.  And it was always the perfect thing. For me it was a true joy and seemed in fact magical.   Just to have such an unexpectedly pleasant and enriching morning.  I felt inspired to “friend” the guy on Facebook, and then later to send a message saying how much we had enjoyed the morning and how inspired I was by his journey.  Again I felt hesitant, but I did.

And in return, I got the reply “Great meeting and talking to you too, Laura.  You guys really made my day, you have no idea. Funny how the worst mornings can turn 180 just by talking and listening to others.”


This trusting the flow of things, such as Scott’s suggestion for breakfast, and then learning to hear and heed these slight inner signals of yes and no are how I more and more try to live out the details of my life.  I almost never plan what I wear anymore because at some point, something will just “occur” to me and it always seems like the right thing, better than my ideas of what I should be doing usually are.

There is a knowing that is deeper and truer than your analysis, and it can bring so much ease and effortlessness to your life.

It can even guide you in knowing WHAT TO EAT AND HOW TO MOVE YOUR BODY.

We have been taught to rely on outer analysis, experts, diets, plans, the right rules for everyone. We’ve been taught to make a plan and stick with it. And I get how useful planning and sticking with something can be. But if you become too regimented and planned in the name of productivity, you will shut down some unimagined options and blessings.

You can learn to hear this guidance, but you have to be willing. The key is you have to be willing to go off plan or to live without a plan at least a little bit, here and there. You are a dynamic being. Nature is dynamic and cyclical; it operates according to seasons, rhythms, and diversity.

Here’s what to do: get quiet…and ask your body (putting a hand on your belly is helpful), “what do you want?” Salad, fish, or burger? Grains or not?  The mind will assume what’s “healthier”, but be willing to be surprised. This will also help you learn the difference between the mind’s cravings and your body’s true desires. Even if you’re not sure what you’re “hearing”, go with your gut, give it a try, test the outcomes.

Start this with the next time you are out to eat or deciding where to go (oh, just imagine ending that endless debate about where to go for dinner!). Take your time in the produce section of the grocery and just see what jumps out at you.  Build from there.

I’d love to know how this inquiry turns out for you!  Let me know!

May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!

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