Un-Abashed Love!

I applaud you for spending some real time and attention on yourself and your emotional well-being.  In my opinion, that’s a crucial and oft-overlooked aspect of self-care.  I mean…does it really matter if your nails are nice, if your mind is a wreck? And being willing to dig deeper is truly a hero’s journey. Brava!

If the work you’ve done in the Write Yourself a Love Letter Workshop has increased your sense of self-love and appreciation and yet you still know you have a ways to go, you’re not alone.

In my experience, the journey of true self-love is a marathon not a sprint!

We have so many cultural or familial messages to think of ourselves as “less than” or not think of ourselves at all, that the reclamation of true love for yourself can happen much more easily with a compassionate and skillful outside eye and guide.

Has the work you’ve done here left you knowing you still want and need to

  • Establish an effective self-care routine that you know how to change in accordance with your true needs at any given time so that you can show up fully-resourced in all aspects of your life
  • Continue to reframe negative self-talk and grow a rock-solid appreciation, respect and love for all aspects of yourself right now so that high self-regard permeates your relationships with others
  • Make peace with all aspects of your past, both things others have done and things you have done, so that your mind is unburdened and your actions are skillful
  • Take clear and powerful actions that more fully honor YOU — the parts of you that have been forgotten, denied, or put on the back burner as you’ve taken care of others — so that you can bring your fullest self and unique gifts into this world


Then working with me in UNABASHED LOVE is your next step!

In this 6-week one-on-one coaching program, you’ll take the work you’ve done so far and carry it further to


  • Establish specific areas of growth in your self-love
  • Become an expert at rewiring your brain to be your own best advocate rather than critic
  • Create your unique program of self-care and nourishment — so you feed your body, mind, and spirit with what it needs to be well-resourced and thriving
  • Make complete peace with your past and find satisfaction in your present life
  • Make and execute a plan to help a hidden or forgotten part of you come out and play


Through weekly coaching calls and unlimited access to my support, you’ll get the tools, guidance, and new perspective you need to live a life of unabashed love and care for yourself.

Watch out World, Here YOU Come!

Congratulations on deciding that you and the world need all of you! I can’t wait to support you on one of the most important journeys you could possibly undertake!

To get started, choose the payment option that best suits you, and I will immediately get in touch with you to create our coaching call schedule and send you the first assignment. And then you’re on your way!