I missed you all last week!

I was on vacation with family and supporting a friend and her family.  Happy to go and get a different scene, visit people for a while and happy to return home to my routine and people I love here.

I don’t have a menu for the past two weeks because it all went by in a blur, there was A LOT of eating out, being cooked for, some overeating, enjoying MANY cocktails, and I didn’t really keep track of it all.

And, upon return…we’ve decided to spruce up our eating a bit with some extra discipline for the next few weeks (and beyond), so I thought it would be great to share with you what and why, especially why….because, while your what is important, it’s your WHY that makes all the difference.

Even before we left for vacation, I had been eating more desserts than I usually do, because…peaches, and ice cream!  And my list of new restaurants to try in Charleston is long and ever-growing.

When I got home, I know I was heavier than I feel good about being…

But this is what I mean “heavier than I feel good about”…I’m not judging myself for having enjoyed all the things, I don’t feel badly about myself, I don’t look in the mirror and hate my body, I’m not hiding under big clothes. But…I know my body, and I know she functions better with less sugar, less frequent starches, and less alcohol. From experience, I feel better that way — lighter, efficient, energized.

And so…after having enjoyed all of this fully over the past several weeks and then some, it’s an EASY decision to make the adjustments. No drama, no feeling of restriction, no self-loathing required.

One of my favorite yoga teachings is what is called “pure motive” or maybe better-stated “effective intention”.  It indicates that we are much more likely to be successful in any endeavor when we start from a place of self-love rather than self-hatred. Of seeing what is right and good and beautiful in us and wanting to serve and honor that and bring that forth. Rather than seeing what is wrong, broken, or in need of fixing and therefore “whipped into shape.”

So from the external point of view, this period of excess followed by a period of discipline, can seem punitive and unbearable in its execution, but if the intention is coming from the right place, it can (and is for me) a great act of self-love, care and honor, and therefore very well worth the gentle discipline and slight discomfort it requires.

One of my favorite yoga writers, Donna Farhi, says that “discipline is remembering what you want”, and what I want is a body that is vibrant and thriving and well-functioning. I love my body and I am remembering that I want to be as good to her as she has been to me.

Friend, I want you to love your body too, as it is, right now.  From a place of love you are MORE likely, not LESS, to understand what is beneficial and to be willing to do it – to eat and move and rest and work and play in a way that works for you. You don’t have to have a low level of self-hatred to do what’s “good for you”. It may seem that way to you, but I promise you it’s not true.

If loving your body as it is right now seems like a stretch or downright impossible, I invite you to join me in my week-long Love Your Body Now Challenge. I’m putting together some great tools and a supportive community for you to not wait another minute to feel great.  Simply email me here that you want in and I’ll keep you in the loop regarding the details!

May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!

Hi! I’m Laura Jarrait and I work with women who adore good food but feel like it’s running or ruining their lives. They don’t want to diet or quit socializing around food but are tired of feeling less than their best and guilty, obsessive, or confused about what they eat. I help them keep the pleasure and drop the stressful thinking and extra weight, so they feel confident, light and free — all without ending their love affair with food!

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