“I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.” — Mahatma Gandhi

Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of busy people about the difficult time they have feeding and moving their bodies in any sort of way that feels healthful and sustainable to them.

Between running businesses (sometimes multiple) and taking care of kids — and driving around to do all of that, they often pick up whatever is easy or throw together whatever their kids will eat, shovel it in, and keep going. They think they “should” be doing something better for themselves and are starting to feel the cost of not doing so — in extra pounds, low energy, constant running on stress and adrenaline — but see no way to do so.

I’ve been feeling a bit like this myself this whole year (good news — yesterday was actually the New Year — Chinese New Year and New Moon — so you can always renew your intentions!) I’ve taken on some important home projects that have turned out to consume a LOT of physical time and mental energy.  Yesterday I woke up with a LONG list of to-do’s and deadlines and a lot of self-created stress about them, and I just. Didn’t  Feel.  Like.  It.

I kept telling myself I should push on through, but I couldn’t.  No inspiration for writing to you, no creative thoughts about another project I’m working on, etc.

And this, my friend, is a very good thing…because — your body and your spirit are always talking. My mind was pushing…my crowded agenda was calling…but there was something else too.  And so I asked this important question to myself:

WHAT DO YOU NEED?  What is it that you (my body, my spirit, my essential self) need right now? Is it to accomplish this list or something else?

At home, we just finished watching the series Scandal on Netflix — not sure I’d actually recommend it, but one of the key features is that the main character is always asking her clients the question

“What do you want?”

It’s clarifying, that question.

Out of all of the possible outcomes, what is it that you really want? And, then you can get clear on what it is you need in order to get there.

At the end of last year, I had fallen out of the movement habits I had been establishing and renewed my intention this year, starting with just a little bit of consistent movement. I have kept that baseline going for 5 weeks now!

But yesterday it became clear that it hadn’t been enough — not in any sort of abstract “should” kind of way, but in a real, physical way. My body was yearning for more — more breath, more sun, more vigor, more work, more attention.

And so…I put aside my list, my agenda, my “obligations” and gave myself what was truly needed — sunshine, fresh air, some vigorous movement.

And guess what?  Of course, then the ideas came, and the new motivation, and the energy.

I get it — when you are in the midst of BUSY, it seems you can’t possibly stop to give yourself the good stuff.

But, to be blunt, you are wrong.

On the contrary, you can’t afford not to.

Think about the great contributors to our culture — those who are innovators, leaders, grand successes — all of them talk about being ruthlessly “selfish” with the way they take care of and actually enjoy themselves — body and mind.

They get it…the time they take to do so pays them back (and us) ten-fold and more.

So just for at least a few minutes today,my friend, let go of an “obligation” and give yourself what you need. It doesn’t take a lot, but it does take something.

Comment below and let me know what happens!

May your days be truly delicious and satisfying!

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